Vocal Coaching

You've got a lot more in you.

There is a lot more in you than you think you can! I would like to accompany you and help you to find your individual sound and to get the best out of your voice.

“Anyone can learn to sing” I am certain that singing ability is not always innate. Though the majority of a person’s voice tone is determined by genetics, a learning process plays an even bigger role. We will work together to build your personal and unique voice using sound singing techniques and efficient practice methods. With my humorous and open teaching style, I aim to encourage you to discover your possibilities. I challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone in order to unlock the full power of your voice.

Hobby singer

Do you like to sing in the shower, car, soccer field, or at karaoke bars? Do you want to get the most out of your voice? Is singing a hobby or a passion for you? You can sing whatever you want and learn efficient vocal skills during my personalized coaching sessions.

Professional singer

Do you have any specific requests for vocal technique and want to continue to improve it? Are you a professional singer who already knows the fundamentals of vocal technique? The options for reshaping and developing your voice are practically limitless. I'll guide you through the process of developing your vocal potential. "Only the sky's the limit."

Voice-intensive Job

Do you have a voice-intensive job, such as teaching, educating, facilitating seminars, or being an amateur actor? You will discover exercises to improve the resiliency and volume of your voice through singing and vocal techniques. You’ll gain a stronger vocal presence and a more confident demeanor.

Vocal Coaching
Singing Lessons & Voice Training

Are you ready to take your voice to a new level? I am looking forward to your registration for vocal coaching!

Trial lesson
Is this something for me?

My offer made you curious, but you are still unsure? Enjoy my vocal coaching in your trial lesson!

Specific situations require creative solutions:

All my lessons can take place via Zoom during the Corona lockdown!

My students

About my lessons and me
Student Concert
Meet & Sing


Student concert and meet & sing

I host a student concert once a year! Here you have the opportunity to show off what you have learned and be inspired by the skills of the other students.

Meet & Sing, on the other hand, is all about making music together spontaneously.


My classroom (studio) is equipped with semi-professional audio equipment for recording: Interface, studio microphone, studio headphones, microphone, mixing console, piano, studio microphone absorber from Nowsonic and software from Steinberg Cubase Elements.


Each student has the possibility to record his solo session. The recordings are extremely valuable in singing lessons. The recording’s purpose is to provide you feedback. You can hear what other people are hearing. This is in strong contrast to your own perception. On request, an additional hour can be reserved for recording with the song of your choice. Price on demand. Price on request.

Voucher for Singing Lessons

Singing liberates

Give away vouchers for one or more singing lessons. It’s quite simple: Send me an email or give me a call and choose one of the three options. 

Everything else will be clarified via e-mail or phone.

Single session

60 minutes for 60 €


5 x 30 minutes for 150 €


10 x 30 minutes for 300 €

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