Band & Choir Coaching

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Each group comes to a point where it can no longer evolve. Based on my years of experience as a lead vocalist and ensemble leader, I can provide you with assistance and objectively examine your rehearsals and performances to find solutions to the issues.

My tutoring is tailored to your specific needs and goals. The premise is that you already know your own instrument because the coaching focuses on the voice, backup voices, and overall performance. I offer assistance in the following subjects: communication in  the group, organization, composition, repertoire selection, and stage performance.

I also use the CVT approach for band and choir coaching. Due to my concrete vocal technical expertise and dynamic teaching style, each choir rehearsal becomes a good blend of fun and focused work.

Individual voices in choirs are important to me because they make up the whole. This is why, in addition to group choral coaching, I also offer individual coaching to help students improve their weaknesses and challenge their abilities. The following topics are covered by choir coaching: choral  voice training, support, dynamics, interpretation, blending and sound color, grooving and much more.

Band Coaching

Band coaching is available for both established and newly formed bands. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what kind  of music you like. So, what are you waiting for? I look forward to your request!

Choir Coaching

The Choir Coaching is designed for mixed choirs, mixed ensembles, women’s choirs, project choirs, acapela groups, and other groups of all types and styles. I look forward to your request!

Specific situations require creative solutions:

All my lessons can take place via Zoom during the Corona lockdown!

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Your rehearsal room is where the coaching takes place.

Band or choir coaching can be done at a weekly choir rehearsal, a choir rehearsal day, or a rehearsal weekend.

The duration of the coaching is determined by your needs and goals.

Band Coaching: 60 Euros per hour plus travel fees

Choir Coaching: The cost of choir coaching is determined by the size of the choir and the duration of the coaching. We could talk about this over a cup of coffee.

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